Savia is a vegan agroecological cohousing project located in the west of Asturias, consisting of a coliving space, a cohousing community, and agricultural land. Savia is a community housing project, a home to build a life together, in connection with nature and its processes, where one can cultivate respect for all beings and create a more sustainable, simpler, and self-sufficient lifestyle.



We want to build a home where we can share, dream, create, and promote the values of a world based on love and non-violence, through veganism, degrowth, veganic agriculture, and mutual support. We aim to build a community where we can transition to a lifestyle that respects and cares for nature and all beings that inhabit it. A place to cooperate, help each other, and live together through empathy, where everyone's differences are integrated under an atmosphere of tolerance and listening. A place where we can develop as individuals and learn every day, expand our gifts and passions, and grow collectively as individuals. A place to transition to a degrowth model, with low energy and resource consumption, and to dedicate efforts to achieving food and energy self-sufficiency. A place to live more sustainably, where we reconsider the impact of our lifestyle on the environment. A place to build and demonstrate that a life different from what we have been taught is possible.



  • Create an intentional community of people who share the same life perspective, values, and common purpose. A community where veganism, ecology, and love are the central pillars of our daily lives.
  • Use sociocracy as an organizational formula, consent as a decision-making method, and non-violent communication to manage coexistence.
  • Create networks of affection, exchange, and support, within and outside the project, through respect, conscious listening, and a loving and empathetic attitude.
  • Facilitate the path to degrowth by creating internal dynamics that help reduce the consumption of material goods, thus building a more sustainable lifestyle with less environmental impact.
  • Create affordable housing spaces to facilitate the return to rural areas and the settlement of a human group in the long term.
  • Build and maintain low-consumption and highly energy self-sufficient facilities, preferably with natural materials, without sacrificing minimum comfort.
  • Cultivate in a veganic way, regenerating the soil and promoting biodiversity, managing horticultural production with the necessary tools and techniques to achieve a high degree of food self-sufficiency.
  • Create spaces for personal growth and development. Learning spaces where we can promote the values of the project through workshops, conferences, and events. Showing that a different world, a more conscious, loving, and sustainable world, is possible.



At Savia, we have 900 m2 of buildings and 30,000 m2 of land on several rustic, urbanizable, and urban plots, with various private accommodations, communal spaces, and cultivation land. We are located on the border between Galicia and Asturias, in the Eo Valley, near the beaches of Ribadeo. In a wonderful, fertile, and humid environment, with mild temperatures all year round due to its proximity to the coast and its low altitude above sea level. With all the basic services in the same village, such as a bus stop, sports center, river suitable for swimming, medical center, bar, shop, public school, and bank branch.

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