At Savia, we have 10 fundamental pillars that form the backbone of the entire project and on which we develop our objectives.



Veganism is the main value on which the project is based. Veganism is not a diet, but an ethical position, according to which all sentient beings, regardless of their species, are subjects of natural law. All animals deserve to be treated with dignity and to live without suffering. Animals are not here for us, but with us. Their value does not depend on the function or utility we can derive from them, but they have an innate and inalienable moral value. From this position, we defend the liberation of animals and the abolition of all forms of oppression, exploitation or slavery, thus minimising the direct and intentional impact that humans have on them. Therefore, the project does not allow the keeping of animals for any utilitarian purpose, nor the importation of products of animal origin such as meat, fish, cheese, honey, eggs, wool, leather, etc.. It will also be cultivated with vegan farming techniques, without the use of animal fertilisers and with ethical pest control.



We want to build a place where we can cultivate the collective, give a little of our individuality to the community, to create a more sustainable life through cooperation. Leaving behind selfishness, individualism and competitiveness and moving to a model based on mutual support. Learning to work together to walk a common path without losing our uniqueness and individuality, integrating tools of group facilitation, consensus decision-making and sociocracy.



We want to work on the bonds between the people who live in this place, creating formal spaces for sharing emotions and resolving conflicts. We want to create a place where we can be heard, understood and loved. We want to cultivate empathy, self-love and love for others and achieve a more conscious and harmonious lifestyle. We will explore techniques such as non-violent communication.



We believe in individual freedom and the importance of privacy. We also understand the processes of change and evolution that we all undergo and the impossibility of being totally coherent in all aspects of life. That is why we do not want to impose anything on anyone, but to walk together on the same path, based on personal freedom.



We want to reconnect with nature and its processes, respecting it and all its inhabitants. We want to listen to it and work with it to create a sustainable, integrated and balanced ecosystem, changing our lifestyles and our relationship with nature in order to live as ecologically as possible. To do this, we will use permaculture as a holistic paradigm for caring for nature and people.



Although we understand that it is impossible to achieve total self-sufficiency, we want to make efforts to create a place where we can be more self-sufficient in terms of energy, food and production. To grow and produce our own food and generate our own energy, to be more resilient to possible supply problems and to be able to live a more sustainable and empowered lifestyle.



We want to be able to share our space by creating places of encounter and exchange. To show that it is possible to live differently from what we have been told. A school of alternative living, organising workshops, events and open doors. Spaces to share, spread and teach the values of a new, more empathetic and sustainable world.



We want to relate to money and economic resources in a calm and abundant way. We understand that money will always be necessary as an energy for the exchange of goods and services and that, like any tool, there is nothing wrong with it in itself, but it is the way it is managed through unconsciousness and selfishness that perverts it. We believe that people should generate their own individual economy, i.e. we are committed to an individual economy within a community framework.



We want to change our consumption habits, the idea of throwing things away, superfluous materialism, questioning whether we really need everything we have been taught we need. Or if we can live more simply, more sustainably and move towards a model of conscious, low-impact consumption. This is not an excuse for poverty, but simply learning to consume responsibly and rethinking our material needs.



We want to build a place where we can grow as people. To do this, we want to devote energy to various goals. Developing our gifts and passions to fulfil our innate potential. Personal, emotional, physical and spiritual growth through community. Learning through play, creativity, exploration, art and nature. Creating habits to develop a more sustainable and balanced life, with the natural environment and with ourselves.