We haven't been taught to live in community, to share, to build collectively, to empathize with others' needs; we haven't been taught to love ourselves enough to communicate our needs assertively.


Living in community is a challenge, but also a life lesson like no other. In community, we can unfold our talents to serve in harmony with others. In community, we can form emotional bonds with people who share similar interests, values, and life perspectives as ours. In community, we can support each other to build a life beyond prevailing individualism and selfishness. In community, we can be more self-sufficient, each contributing to the common good according to our abilities.


It's not just about uniting with people similar to us, but learning together to live differently, with greater awareness and daily work of sharing, coexisting, and cooperating. As humans, we'll always have conflicts, so it's not about avoiding them, but learning to manage them with love.



For coexistence management, we have formal spaces for emotional exchange and needs assessment. For this, we use "Nonviolent Communication" developed by Marshall Rosenberg, which proposes a system of emotional and relational management where individuals must identify their needs, the needs of others, and the feelings surrounding these needs, to achieve harmony through assertiveness.


Additionally, we use "Sociocracy," which involves organizing in circles and making decisions by consent as a formula for operational management and decision-making. The most important objective is to develop residents' co-participation and co-responsibility.


We commit to training in sociocracy and NVC to be able to navigate coexistence, decision-making, and conflict resolution successfully.



We seek individuals who have achieved a sufficient level of emotional maturity to manage coexistence and enjoy the company of others. We seek tolerant individuals who can accept disagreement and difference, who can accept that things don't have to be exactly as they want, who can listen to different opinions, and who are willing to understand others' needs.


We seek people who are honest and transparent, who can communicate their needs without fear and are willing to ask for what they want. We seek people who are willing to cultivate a climate of cooperation and mutual support. We seek people who are willing to leave violence behind, who want to learn to communicate and treat all beings with compassion and empathy.


We are interested in people who approach with a genuine desire to live in community, who resonate with the project's values, and who want to share the same path, with freedom and independence. We are interested in people who want to build a tribe, a family united by a shared vision of the world.


If you're unsure if you fit into the project, don't hesitate to come and try. After all, it's not about being perfect, but about learning to be better together, day by day.

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